From Library to Learning Hub…

Teacher Librarians:  Mrs Georgina Wood ( Monday – Friday)

Mrs Sharon Rubain (Tuesday & Wednesday)


Our library has recently undergone a very exciting face lift.  Our journey from library to collaborative learning hub is one that has been evolving over time. This process has been  driven by our desire to meet the needs of our students, as they are faced with being learners in an ever-changing world of information.

Collaboration, creativity, critical thinking and communication skills are those that are most highly valued in the workforce. We are excited about using this new flexible learning space to support our students in developing these  skills so that they will be able to function effectively in our society, and to make sense of their place in the world.

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Students are permitted to borrow the following number of books.

Kinder: 1 book

Year 1 & 2: 1 Fiction and 1 Non-Fiction

Years 3-6: 2 Fiction and 2 Non-Fiction

Students visit the library once a week for a library lesson, however, they are allowed to borrow as often as they wish if they are motivated readers. The library is open each day at lunchtime for those students who wish to do so.

While we aim to educate the children on how to make a wise choice about what is suitable for their age and ability level, this doesn’t always happen. If you are concerned about anything they have selected simply return it with a note or feel free to contact us.


The Premier’s Reading Challenge is endorsed by the NSW government and is designed to encourage students to read a wide variety of quality literature, and experience the opportunity to read for leisure.

K-2: Students in K-2 will complete this during their library lessons.

3-6: Students in years 3-6 will be encouraged to take part, however, will be responsible for maintaining their own reading records. They will be shown how to manage their online reading record during a library lesson.

Many of the books on the recommended reading list are available in the school library and are marked with a PRC sticker to assist the children when locating them. The challenge ends on August 21st, 2015.

Students are required to use their school username and password as their login when they update their reading records. For more information about the Premier’s Reading Challenge visit  NSW Premier’s Reading Challenge 2016 : Home


This is an initiative we have undertaken over the past two years, and have promoted within our library lessons as an extra incentive for students to seek out literature that may interest them. It is designed to create a reading pathway by discovering a series that students wish to complete.

Once they have selected the series, they are given a reading log to record the books in the series as they finish them. When all of the books have been read they ask a parent/guardian to validate their effort by signing a reading log. When this is returned to the library they will receive a School Award as an acknowledgement of them being a learner.

Our library has a large selection of series that the students can choose from, and they are currently shelved in baskets so it is easy for the students to identify, and locate books of interest. The reading logs are available to students during library lessons or can be collected at lunchtime.

REading Series Torah


The Library Computer Lab is open every day at lunchtime. Each grade is rostered onto a day and students are allowed to come and enjoy some “free-time” in the lab. We are promoting the idea of using the lab at lunchtime for students who have no, or limited internet access at home, and sometimes find that they are restricted in completing their set homework tasks.

As we work towards equipping our students to become “21 Century Learners”, it is important that we empower them with both the skills and means to drive their own learning.

We have certainly been impressed with the number of students who are taking up this opportunity, and are responsibly demonstrating “Being Learners” as they visit the computer lab to manage their workload at lunchtime.


The library is open every day during lunchtime and aims to provide an alternative to the playground. A variety of activities are on offer, and with the assistance of the Library Monitors we seek to provide a welcoming, nurturing, and stimulating environment.  All students are welcome to come and enjoy the range of activities that are available.