Principal’s message

Camden South Public School offers a well rounded and holistic education for all students – through nurturing and providing for their academic, social and emotional needs.

Our school culture focuses on the values of integrity, teamwork and respect.

Outstanding academic, cultural and sporting opportunities are available to all students.  These cater for the wide range of interests, abilities and talents that our students possess and are underpinned by quality student welfare practises and exemplary teaching.

Our school offers a wide variety of educational programs preparing students for high level achievement in state and regional competitions focusing on mathematics, English, technology and public speaking.

The school band has received accolades for performances at many local and regional events.

Camden South regularly excels in sporting activities with a number of students representing at higher honours.

Significant support for the school is received from a committed, enthusiastic and highly motivated P and C. 

Our active student parliament reflects our ethos of:

  • Acknowledging Excellence
  • Loyalty and Service

Principal: Steven Hooke (Rel)