School Enrichment Programs

Camden South Public School Parliament

Twelve of our Year 6 students have been elected onto the school parliament and are involved in activities throughout the school. These activities are aimed at developing their leadership and organisational skills and building on their decision making processes.

Mrs Burge meets with the Parliament every Thursday at afternoon tea and the group discusses the processes involved in successful running of parliament portfolios.

Various other teachers from all grades at Camden South Public School are mentors and facilitators for the different Parliament Committees.


2018 Leaders Induction


2018 Parliament Leaders

Prime Minister: Emma Ciscato

Deputy Prime Minister: Charlie Atkin


Emerson Argo

Charlie Atkin

Mila Berry

Indiana Blanchette

Emma Ciscato

Sienna Harvey

Charlie Hatton

Oliver Kendall

Tyler Lloyd

Lara Marais

Bronte Riley

Paige Riley

 2018 Team Leaders






Reading Recovery

Reading Recovery is an intensive literacy program for Year 1 students. The program is highly successful and has been taught in Australia for over 20 years. At Camden South Public School the reading recovery teachers  are Mrs Kerryn O”Neill and Mrs Melissa Taylor. 


Camden South Public School Band

This year the band has once again attracted many new students. We currently have learner, intermediate and senior band groups. There are atotal of 68 students participating in our school’s band program.

Earlier last year our Senior Band students played with the Sydney Symphony Orchestra in the Parramatta Park Concert. This was an exciting opportunity to mix with other school bands and perform for a large community gathering. The Senior Band also attended an interactive concert with the Sydney Symphony Orchetsra. This gave us an insight into the workings of such a talented group.

A highlight for our band calendar is having a band visit our school. Previously  we have had The Royal Australian Navy Band visit , as well as the NSW Police Concert band.  All of our band students participated in workshops, and this was followed by an entertaining concert by the Police Band for the whole school.

The Camden South Band students love to perform at Grandparents Day and our school fete. We also enjoy playing at  events including Light Up Camden, Carols By Glowstick and our Celebration of Learning Assemblies.


Operation Art 2016

Operation Art is an initiative of the Westmead Children’s Hospital in association with the NSW Department of Education and Communities. Camden South Public School is participating in this exhibition this year.

OP ART 2016 Itchy BearOP ART 2016 Kandinsky Tree

OP ART 2016 Sea Creature SilhouettesOP ART 2016 Sunset over City


Artworks by a number of students were submitted to the CSPS Creative Arts committee at the end of Term 1. From these submissions, four pieces of art have been selected to be entered into the 2016 Operation Art Competition. The artists whose artwork has been selected are; Eliza Coleman from KD who has drawn the storybook character Itchy Bear, Skye Chambers from 2/3W who has created a sunset with oil pastels, Caylin Wilson from 5P who has combined water colour paints and pastels to create a Kandinsky inspired tree and Makayla Funnell from 5P who has used a variety of painting techniques to create an ‘under the sea’ themed artwork.
A special congratulations to these four people for making it through to the next round. Keep an eye on the newsletter for the results of the competition later in the year!


Debating 2017



Sarah Biggs

 Hayden Booker-Small

 Sam Lawrence

 Alana Bailey


Harrison Mellare

 Charlie Atkin

 Erin Creber

 Lara Marais

 Brianna Hosie

Reserve: Jenna Withers



In order to promote health and fitness within the school, an afternoon tea walking group is now being offered for students in years 5 and 6, starting week 6, term 1. Students will have the opportunity to walk with teachers on the Camden bike track as a lunch time/afternoon tea activity each week. For further information or for a permission note please see Mrs Royal or Mrs Hogan.


Film Club


Mr Tyson’s Film Club is open to all students in Year 5 and 6 and takes place on Wednesday at Lunchtime (11:10am) every week. The location of film club changes according to the activity for the week.

Film club aims to build  skills in planning and creating short films specific to screenwriting. Students working in film club are also working on the narrative text type and developing their literacy skills. They develop stories on which to base filming and then plan how to shoot the film. Students shoot the film themselves and are able to gain experience in camera work and editing.

Film Club also aims to develop drama and acting skills.

The film club also wishes to document what life is like Camden South Public School in 2013.

Dance Groups

Camden South gives students who are committed to the performing arts and wish to develop their skills in performance the chance to join a dance group. The groups include Stage 1 Dance Group, Stage 2 Dance Group, Boys Crew, Stage 3 Dance Group and Dance Ensemble. Committed students participate in weekly dance sessions that take place during lunch or recess breaks.

Jazz, Hip-Hop and contemporary dances are choreographed and mastered to perform at a variety of venues such as Whole School Assemblies, the Camden Show, Grandparents Day and Carols By Glow Stick.

Over the past two years , our dance groups have also taken part in our Showcase – an event where students are able to showcase their talents in the performing arts.


Singing Sensations

Singing Sensations is our senior singing group and is open to students in years 3 -6. We rehearse in the music room every Thursday at 12.40 and regularly on Tuesdays at afternoon tea. Singing Sensation aims to foster a love of singing, develop singing technique and offer a wide range of repertoire.

When joining, students need to bring their voice, lots of enthusiasm and a sense of commitment! Singing Sensations regularly perform at whole school assemblies, and this year have performed at the Creative Arts Showcase, Grandparents Day, School Fete and Carols Night. The group is open to new membership at the beginning of each school year.



Small Sensations

The Small Sensations is our junior singing group that welcomes all students in years K-2 that love to sing. We rehearse every Friday at lunchtime in Mrs Blackburn’s room (KB). They are introduced to singing techniques, development of coordination through actions and hopefully build new friendships.

The Small Sensations have the opportunity to perform at a variety of events throughout the year such as assemblies, the Showcase Night, Grandparent’s Day and Carols Night.

Beginners Skipping Group

On Friday mornings before school (from 8:30-8:55) Mrs Crossley teaches skipping skills to students in the Years K-2. The aim of the group is to develop fitness, co-ordination and spatial and body awareness, while also having FUN!

At Beginners Skipping Group, students are involved with activities using a single rope, a long rope and two ropes (double dutch).  They learn to run in and out of a moving skipping rope in time.

Skipping Group

On Wednesday afternoons Mrs Crossley takes the Skipping Group in the hall. Students from Years 3-6 use their afternoon tea time to develop their skipping skills and improve their fitness. Skipping activities are learned and practised using a single rope, long rope and double dutch. Some routines are set to music!

When student’s skills have developed to a high level, some will perform in front of an audience.


Games Group

Mrs Crossley runs the Games Group on Friday lunch time for Year 2. The aim of the group is to provide students with the opportunity to interact socially using fun activities and to develop gross motor skills.

Students in Games Group practise throwing, catching, dribbling and kicking balls along with a variety of locomotive activities.




By Jacob Kerrisk 6R

Aquaponics is a great experience for anybody that gets the opportunity. For students that do the Rotary Junior Community Award, they will have the chance to use aquaponics as their community service.

Aquaponics is a complete system where there is a tank with fish in it. Small volumes of water empty through a series of pipes into a vegetable garden. The fish poo fertilises the garden, and the vegetables filter the water before it is returned to the fish tank.

At the start of the year you will get the chance to meet with our Principal, Dr Patterson, to find out what is involved with aquaponics. Those who choose to be involved will work in a group of six to eight students. Each group will be allocated a day from Monday to Friday.

During that time, which runs from 10.30-10.50, your group will have to complete a list of tasks. The tasks include: feeding fish, testing water, making sure yabbies have enough spinach to eat, take leaves out of garden beds and clean up.

After you have finished all of the  assigned tasks, you must fill out a book saying that you have completed all of your duties and then report any issues that you have had. Aquaponics is run by Dr Patterson, our Principal, and Mr Paterson our General Assistant. They both put a lot of time and energy into aquaponics to make it a great experience.