Support Classes

In 2012 Camden South Public School established a special education class for students with autism enabling parents to have their children schooled in their local community. In 2013, two additional special education classes were established to continue this support for students.

Camden South Public School offers a well-rounded and holistic education for all students – through nurturing and providing for their individual academic, social and emotional needs. Every student is looked upon as an individual, who has unique needs.

Our school culture focuses on the values of integrity, teamwork and respect. We believe that all students should work at their own pace to the best of their ability. It is a priority to provide students with a positive learning environment which recognises progress.

The staff at Camden South Public School all work together to promote a culture of acceptance amongst all students across the school. Each support class has a full time teacher and a Student Learning Support Officer (SLSO).
The support classes access the same curriculum as all students. Contents and lessons are modified to individual students’ learning needs. Individual goals are set in order to closely focus on students learning needs and to further individualise their teaching and learning programs. Students also participate in living skills and social skills lessons.

Students are integrated into all aspects of the school’s routine. They attend scripture, sport, camps, excursions, reward days, assemblies and special events alongside their mainstream peers. Some children may also participate in additional integration opportunities with mainstream classes.
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