P & C

Camden South Public School Parents & Citizens Association ( P&C )

Parents, as partners in the education process, have a right and a responsibility to play an active role in the education of their children.

P&C is a gathering of parents of children at Camden South Public School who wish to be involved in the education of their children through participation in the P&C meetings.

Meetings are conducted on Wednesday evenings week 2, 6 and 10 each term starting at 7:00pm. The committee of the P&C meet to discuss issues concerning children and their parents. The school Principal attends each meeting as the conduit to the staff at the school.

There are often special presentations held during P&C meetings to showcase special programs or new educational processes for the information of parents and guardians.

If you wish to attend these meetings you may just turn up on any night. Only financial members of the P&C may vote on issues raised, but any person in attendance may participate in the discussions.

Student Assistance

The P&C are committed to supporting students of  CSPS in their endeavours representing the school at regional and state levels. If you require financial assistance in meeting the individual levies, please pick up an application form from the office and submit your request. The P&C will contribute up to 25% of the levy incurred.

2017 Office Bearers


President: Mark Ciscato

Vice President:  Kate Gillies

Vice President:Mel Pascoe

Treasurer: Patricia Cottle

Secretary: Kate Stewart

Assistant Secretary: Kate Gillies

Canteen Representative: Annette Arany

Fete Co-Ordinator: Kate Stewart

Second hand Uniforms: Patricia Cottle

If you need to make contact with the P & C, please leave a message at the school office.


P & C Minutes

2016 AGM Minutes

1st February 2017

1st March 2017

29th March 2017