2017 Easter Hat Parade

On Thursday 6th April , students had a wonderful time participating in the Annual Easter Hat and mask Parade. Children paraded with their buddy class in front of a huge audience of appreciative friends and parents.

2017 Centarians Lunch

Our 12 Parliament Ministers were invited to the “Celebrating Camden’s Centenarians” event on Monday 15 May at the Camden Civic Centre. This was an excellent opportunity for our leaders to be involved in a community event to celebrate and honour our Centenarians and their contribution to our society. Students had an opportunity to escort guests to their tables, chat with them, learn briefly about each Centenarian’s history, present them with flowers/gifts and sing them an extra special “Happy Birthday”, for the amazing achievement of 100 years old. The local newspaper was also there and we know our Parliament who havemade CSPS proud once again.


2017 Camden Show

On the 31st March K-2 and Multicategorical Class students went on an excursion to Camden Show. This excursion was planned to supplement work being done in Science and Technology. Students explored exhibits and watched shows. They stopped to appreciate the talents of our Camden South concert band.

They saw 2-6ML’s prize winning scarecrow. This year’s theme was ‘Getting around town’. 2-6MKL designed ‘Tanner Fox’, a scarecrow who rides his scooter around Camden. Families contributed clothes, sunglasses and a helmet to keep Tanner safe while riding. He received second prize! Many listened to Camden South’s band perform with style.

2017 Operation Art

Operation Art is an initiative of the Westmead Children’s Hospital in association with the NSW Department of Education. Four students from Camden South have had their artworks submitted to appear among 800 other artworks in a month-long ‘art gallery’ style display. Fifty of these artworks will be selected to hang in the Westmead Children’s Hospital.

Congratulations to: Abbey C, Sienna H, Maya M, Sophia Z.

2017 ANZAC Day 

A big thank you to all the families who attended the ANZAC Day services in Camden. It was excellent to see such a terrific turn out by all our families at this years’ service as we remember. A special mention must go to our school leaders, Jim and Jess who attended both the Dawn Service and Main Service and laid a wreath on behalf of our school.

Congratulations to the winners of our ANZAC poetry competition.

Stage 1: Amelia S

Stage 2: Emily G

Stage 3: Harrison M

2016 Relay For Life

Once again Camden South Public School was represented in this great community event. Participants were involved in the fundraising walk dedicated to supporting Cancer Research on 17-18 September from 9.30am on Saturday, until 10am Sunday morning at Onslow Park, Camden. Thank you to all who volunteered.

2016 Swimming Scheme

Swimming Scheme for students in Years 2-6 will run again in Term 4 during weeks 7 and 8. This is a great way to ensure your child is safe in the water, particularly as we head into the summer season.

2016 Father’s Day Stall

Our students are always excited at the prospect of shopping for dad at the Father’s Day Stall. It was great to see so many children enjoying the experience of attending the Parliament run stall. Thank you also to Melissa Pascoe and Christine Sattler for their efforts in making this event so successful.

2016 Book Character Parade

With a sudden change in the weather we had to change our regular book parade routine in order to accommodate the event. The staff, students and parents who attended, all did a great job at being flexible with the different arrangements. Smaller mini parades gave parents a great chance to get up closer to the action and enjoy watching their children parade around dressed up as their favourite book character. A special guest appearance by Buzz Lightyear,  AKA Mr Hooke, was a real treat for the students.

 2016 Book Fair

Our annual Book Fair that runs in conjunction with Book Parade was a huge success this year. Thank you to everyone who purchased something from the Fair. As a result of your shopping, our sales entitled us to be able to add just over two thousand dollars worth of books to our library. This was a great way to update and add to our high interest literature. As our student numbers have grown significantly over the years,  it is always helpful to be able to provide quality literature for students to access through the library.

2016 Education Week

What a  fantastic turnout, despite the weather, on Wednesday to celebrate Education Week. This year’s Education Week Theme was ‘Shared stories, better learning, stronger communities’. It is always a privilege to have parents and carers visit our room where we can take time out to simply share our stories and learn from each other. A big thank you to everyone who supported our day.

2016 Concert- “Lights Camera Action!”

What  wonderful performances we were able to enjoy as students entertained us on the big stage at Event Cinemas Macarthur Square. Each of our three evenings provided a fabulous showcase of talent, and most importantly a great opportunity for each student to experience the excitement that comes with performing on stage. Each night was a great success and reflected the hard work that went into rehearsing songs and dance routines throughout Term 3.

 2016 Nursing Home Visits

During Term 3 many of our students will be involved in visiting with the residents of the Kennedy Health Nursing Home. This was previously known as Camden House Nursing Home and is one of the school’s neighbours.The program aims to build connections with the elderly  residents by visiting on a regular basis. The first visit took place during Week 2 and proved to be very successful. After just one visit there were reports of smiles all round as they enjoyed activities such as drawing, singing and reading together.


Naidoc Performance 2016

Queensland based international performer Adrian Fabila Tjupurrula – aka – Tjupurru, is a descendant of the Djabera tribe of the Western Australian Kimberlies.

Inspired by the music of Gondwanaland, Tjupurru is a very skilled, and gifted musician and has toured extensively throughout Australia. During the performance Tjupurru plays the Didgeribone which is an Australian made and designed instrument fusing elements of the didgeridoo and trombone.

He shares his inspiring journey, the history of his culture and the Djabera Djabera Tribe, and the expressions of Aboriginal art and music. His” Didgeribone Show” was a great end of Term treat for us all.



Camden Community of Schools Showcase 2016

It was wonderful to see the children from Mrs Chisholm’s Dance Groups, Mrs Donvenekham’s Dance Group and Mrs Green’s Dance Ensemble being offered an opportunity to perform in Camden Community of Schools Showcase. The students performed on Wednesday 22 June at Camden High School from 5.30- 7.30pm. Congratulations to all involved and a big thank you to Mrs Chisholm, Mrs Donvenekham and Mrs Green for all of your hard work in preparing our dancers for events like this.

Screen Shot 2016-07-25 at 9.42.02 pm

Bandfest 2016

Congratulations to all the students in our school band who took part in the 2016 Bandfest, held in the St George Auditorium, Kogarah. Our students played extremely well and were rewarded with a silver certificate and trophy for their efforts. Congratulations again to our band on a wonderful performance. 

ANZAC Day 2016

A big thank you to all the families who attended the ANZAC Day services in Camden on Monday. It was excellent to see such a terrific turn out by all our families at this years’ service as we remember. A special mention must go to our school leaders, Ella Cooley and Blake Ciscato who attended both the Dawn Service and Main Service and laid a wreath on behalf of our school. 

Screen Shot 2016-07-25 at 9.23.25 pm

Easter Hat Parade 2016

On Wednesday, 24th March, students from K-6 had a fabulous day celebrating Easter with an Easter Hat and Mask Parade.  Students and teachers demonstrated their creativity as they designed hats and masks to wear as they paraded with their buddy classes. A special guest appearance from the Easter Bunny himself, and a family picnic lunch made the day a very memorable occasion for all who attended.

Easter Hat Mel



 Harmony Day 2016

On Monday 21st, March, the staff and students at CSPS celebrated Australia’s cultural diversity. Our aim was to raise awareness about inclusiveness, respect and a sense of belonging for everyone.  In order to show our support for Harmony Day, we chose to wear orange and participate in a #harmonydayselfie. Students also spent time during class working on activities that promoted discussion around the key idea that ‘everyone belongs.’

Screen Shot 2016-07-25 at 10.28.10 pm

Camden Show 2016

K-2 students  visited the Camden Show on Friday, 11th March, 2016. This excursion was  planned to supplement work being done in Science and Technology. It is always a highlight for our students as they enjoy this event and experience first hand being part of our Camden community.

 A big congratulations to 4/6TL who took out first place in the section for the scarecrow competitions at this year’s Camden Show. The boys and girls worked very hard to make an awesome scarecrow and I know all the staff here at Camden South are very proud of you. 

Screen Shot 2016-07-25 at 8.59.20 pm

Band With James Morrison 2016

Our band  recently had the opportunity to perform at Parramatta Park with James Morrison. This was such an amazing privilege and will certainly be a night that both students and staff will remember for years to come. Congratulations and thank you to those students who gave up their Saturday and represented our school. Also a big thank you to Mrs Malcolm, Mrs O’Neill and Mrs Quinnel (band tutor) for supporting our students on the day.  You all did an amazing job!

Kids Of Macarthur Fundraiser 2016

Kids of Macarthur is a local organisation that supports children and families in the Macarthur area. Established in 2000, they have been raising funds to donate paediatric medical equipment to local hospitals and families. Once again, Camden South have chosen to support this cause with a whole school mufti day. 

Light Up Camden 2015

Our awesome school band performed at Light up Camden. A big thank you to everyone who came down to support them. It is a great community event and a fantastic way to showcase the talent of band members as we welcome the Christmas season. A special thank you to Mrs Malcolm and all of our band members for all of your dedicate to our school band.